Balinese Massage in Ludhiana

Balinese Massage in Ludhiana

Balinese massage is a full body massages holistic treatment. Balinese massage uses the combination of stretchers, acupressure, and reflexology treatment to increase the flow of blood and oxygen around the body. This massage is perfect treatment to regain harmony body and mind. This traditional massage was invented in Bali and it becomes the most popular massage at the beginning of 20th century. This massage is ideal for those who actually want to pamper of their body from scalp to foot.

Techniques of Balinese Massage-

During this massage session customer must lay on professional massage couch, in Ludhiana massage centre female therapists are uses scented oils and then gently massage all over the body. The techniques include this massage is to gentle and relaxing. The therapists are stats to massage the customer legs, back and arms and then gently massage the scalp. Therapist uses a combination of stretches, skin rolling, and kneading and pressure point stimulation to increase the blood flow that gives you energy for a long period of time.

Ludhiana massage centre is very clean, hygienic, they offers all types of high class facilities what customer wants. Ludhiana massage centre therapists must be able to create a relaxing, calming and comfortable atmosphere as the Balinese massage not only soothes your body, also gives you a mind relaxation that soothes all the nerves.

Balinese massage therapists are uses different types of organic vegetable oil like- jojoba, sesame, ylang-ylang, rose oil as per the recommendation of customers.

Types of Balinese Massage
  • Sasak Massage
  • Lombok massage
  • Urat Massage
  • Balinese Boreh
  • Javanese Lulur Ritual


• This type of massage improves the blood and oxygen circulation all over the body.
• It balances the body’s hormonal system.
• Balinese massage boosts the body’s immune system.
• It’s provides the better sleep quality.
• These massages remove all the joint pain of your body, if you can take it regularly.
• It removes all the body pain and muscle tension and energizes you for a long period of time.

Ludhiana massage centre offers all the services and amenities with utmost care.