Couples Massage in Ludhiana

Couples Massage in Ludhiana

Now a day’s couple massage is offered throughout the world. In this massage the main role is two people are massaged at the same time, same place on separate massage tables, by two different therapies. A couple massages are a wonderful experience that shared two people to close together. Present days everyone is busy with their hectic lifestyle so couple’s have not got extra time to spend together. Couples may use session to communicate, chat and enjoy their session with no disturbances. The couple can be husband-wife, girlfriend-boyfriend, mother-daughter, or best friends; therefore often it’s called duo massage.

Ludhiana spa centre is very professional and well-maintained; in couple massage they include soothing massage, aromatherapy, candle lighting and other luxuriant and relaxing amenities. Couple massage price depends on the spa, the duration of time and all the facilities. Sometimes clients want to extend their private time, but its time is basically 1 hour. An one hour massage session customer’s get full pampered services and centered around love and happiness. These massage is the best way to celebrate a special occasion, birthday, anniversary and many other occasion.


  • 1. Do something new and wonderful- Couple who experiences this massage together, bond more closely with each other after taking it and enjoying more rewarding connection. It is the best way to know each other and feel long term happiness. It is a relaxing way to reconnect each other that you truly appreciate and strengthen your relationship.

    2. Enjoying the present- We often see relationships are bogged down by the past memories and uncertainties in the future. But massage encourages the couples to enjoy the present situation.

    3. Improving affection- Massage improves the feeling of affection and love and intimacy by releasing oxytocin, serotonin from the body that feels the clients happy during the massage session and also after that.

    4. Spending time together- Today’s most couples are struggling in their busy time schedule. So in this massage session they spend their quality time together.

    5. Relieve family stress- Massage also improve your mood, so it can help you relieve stress and increase happiness, calmness and both during the massage and also after that.