Foot Reflexology in Ludhiana

Foot Reflexology in Ludhiana

Our foot is one of the most important parts in our body that bear the whole weight of our body. Still foot is the least pampered part of our body. A daily foot massage is a very good option to keep our foot strong and flexible. A regular foot spa with reflexology helps to improve physiological as well as physical health.

Reflexology is an effective treatment for a different type of condition and situation. It is an ancient healing practice that reflexes the points on the feet which improve our health. Ludhiana spa centre provides Reflexology treatment that’s also known as a acupressure which activate points and organs throughout the body to reduce pain, stimulate circulation, and bring balance to the whole body system.

There are so many benefits of foot reflexology-


  • Help to control blood pressure- Reflexology is a best treatment that permanently cures high blood pressure. It has an ability to reduce the stresses and help your body for extra relaxation and refreshment. Regular massage helps to lower systolic blood pressure.

    Improve nerve sensitivity- Reflexology improves the blood circulation throughout the body. So if anyone can suffer for diabetes or any neurological disorder, regular massage can improve it and give the sensation all the blockage area. This is more frequent in the legs and arms and it can be improve directly massages on the reflex points at the bottom of your feet.

    Helps promote sleep- Foot massage improves the function of nervous system. Its better able to promote our sleep and relaxation.

    Reduce Arthritis- Massage centre in Ludhiana provides foot reflexology treatments which reduce all the joint pains, reduce arthritis problem and subsequently inflammatory process. People who are taking this reflexology treatment 50% pain reduced, as per scientific studies.

    Others benefits are-
    • Limited mobility
    • Improve posture problem
    • Sciatica
    • Improve lower back pain