What is Javana Facial?

Javana facial is a unique type of facial massage, which is the mixture of face pack honey and volcanic clay. It is an ideal treatment that is suitable all types of skin. Javana facial is the proper way to pamper, freshen up the skin and restore the skin naturally. Full body spa facial are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. Spa is too much beneficial for your skin. Facial has the lasting benefits that can drastically improve your looks and feel of your skin smooth and supple. When you are seeking through full of beauty treatment like cleansing, pore refinement, anti-ageing benefits, body polishing, you want to speak to your beauty professional about your needs and concern. So Javana facial is a great choice for that, you can take it, even in sensitive skin. A good daily skin care routine is beneficial for maintaining a healthy skin, fresh skin, but now days everyone want to get some extra treatment, so you need to go a professional spa centre to get a facial treatment. A facial spa is a multi- purpose skin treatment that includes everything like steam, facial masks, cleansing, massage with different types of lotions and cream. There are so many benefits of Javana facial like-


L 1 Assessment- Spa centre in Ludhiana, female therapists are so well trained, first they want to know about your skin and any concerns you have.
2 Cleansing- Ludhiana spa centre female therapist are, firstly remove the customers make up with cleansing product such as, cleansing milk, cleansing gel or rose water.
3 Steaming- Steam is very beneficial for skin, it’s improve the blood circulation; open all the pores to soften pore congestion that improves the natural glow on your face.
4 Exfoliating- Female therapists in Ludhiana provides exfoliating treatment to remove all the dead skin cells and build up new healthy skin.
5 Extraction- Beauticians are also provide extraction if you have any blackhead and whiteheads, they clean your skin properly a wonderful way.
6 Facial Massage- Female therapists are uses their fingers and gently massage all over the face to relax the facial muscle and assist your skin for better absorption.
7 Masking – Masking is the last procedure of javana facial massage, Ludhiana spa centre therapists are applied the facial mask based on your skin assessment and analysis.
8 Finishing- The beautician completes the full facial treatment with the proper finishing steps, at last they use facial serum for extra glowing skin and that also protect your skin from environment pollution.